December 20

Themes of the Old Testament


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In the Bible, names were very important. Not only did the people have names with a lot of meaning behind them but they also had special names for God. Two very popular names that were used for God was Yahweh (YA wey) and Elohim. Yahweh means Relationship God, and Elohim means Creator God because he created everything. Back in Bible times, it was popular to have a name based on the character of a person. God would give names like to Jacob he named him Israel which means wrestles with God because that is what he did in the dream. I chose the visual of the name tag because your name tag can be who you are and what you put on it is a reflection of yourself. 

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Back in Bible times, people made covenants with each other. To this day people make covenants with their jobs. For example, a person might make a covenant with their supplier to supply them with some material each Tuesday. God makes covenants with his people. Some covenants that are called conditional have to have both parties cooperate. Like for example if you do this then I will do this. God made some conditional covenants that meant if Israel obeys God protects them but if they disobey God punishes them. God made an unconditional covenant with David that meant that no matter what, God would not destroy David’s line. A covenant means deal or agreement of some kind. God makes a covenant that we can accept and that is to take care of his great world. For the visual I chose two people shaking hands because it looks like they are making a covenant or deal. 

Slavery – Salvation Image result for SUn set

Lots of times bad things but God turns it to good. Like with Joseph his brothers sold him into slavery but he ended up saving all of Egypt and his family. With Moses, he was born into slavery but saved by Pharaoh’s daughter and he later saved all of Israel. People can try to hurt you but God can change it for good. It shows us that God is present and help us through really bad times. I like that we can know that God is ever present in our life. My picture is the sun because it will come up every day until God stops it, and God is in control of it.


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The ten commandments that God gave to us still apply to us even though they were issued centuries ago. They are a deal we made to God and we have to follow them. It should cover all of our daily life; from school to sports and activities. God said that if we are his people then we have to know and obey his commandments to live a Christ-like life. It means to me that God is trying to keep us safe from all of the junk of the world and that he cares for us. My picture is a crosswalk light because it is a law that we should obey because it keeps us safe. 

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After some time Israel got into a cycle which went like this; they would sin so God would punish them. Later they would cry out and then God would send a judge. They would live in peace until the Judge died then they would start the cycle right back over again. Sometime later the people asked for a King, a Melek King who used power instead of following God’s rules. But God sent a Nagid King, a king who followed God’s directions. There was a question for a King to answer every day; do I do what culture advises or what God wants me to do? I think that that question is in our lives and that we should choose God’s way because it is the right way. For my picture, I choose a Bible because culture tells us we don’t need God in our lives but we have to follow God’s ways and read it. 

Symbol of the Lamp Image result for Bright flash light images

Jesus is the light of the world and he comes from David’s line. In this part, God makes yet another covenant with David. This covenant states that David’s line will never end neither will his throne because form his line Jesus will be born. David was a man after God’s own heart even though he made plenty of mistakes. Jesus is the light of the world and he will come from David’s line/lamp. This is important to me because it shows that great people that God chose to do great things are sinful and we can still do great things even if we are not the perfect person. For my visual, I chose a flashlight because even in the darkness of the night/world there can be light and we can decide how we use it in our lives. 

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