Living on One Dollar

We recently just watched the movie Living on One Dollar. Four American guys went to Guatemala, and lived on a dollar per day, like most people do in that town. It was really sad to see how people live like that. Eight people in a one room house, or not getting to fulfill their dreams because they need to make support their family. During the movie, I wished that I could go to Guatemala. But not living on a dollar a day. That  would scare me a lot. We are so used to our luxurious, comfortable little lives in America, and sometimes we don’t really take time to take a step back and think about what other people have to go through, and I’m speaking for myself too, like I live a comfortable little life that any person in Guatemala would probably dream of having. I have 2 parents who are married, and love each other and me, and I have a family. I have a warm bed, air conditioning, food whenever I want, hot and cold running water, I go to a christian school, and my life hasn’t had many twists and turns yet. I wish everyone got food, and water, and it made me feel sad when not everyone had that opportunity.

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