Newsletter 15: Week of January 20

Weekly Highlights

It is so good to spend my days with your children again! I loved staying in my pjs as long as I could and spending more time at home and with family and friends over break. This week, especially, it was clear to me that God is working in our classroom and I’m so grateful I get to be a part of what He’s doing! Thank you for the many ways you support us and everything that goes on at school.

Important Dates

  • January 17: ZCS Showcase This is a night for new families to discover our school. If you know anyone looking for a new school for any grade, please invite them to attend!
  • January 18: No PM Bussing
  • January 21: No School (Teacher PD Day)
  • January 29: For the Kidz Field Trip- Thank you drivers! Please send along a booster seat if you are able (if your child doesn’t ride the bus). Children should dress in comfortable clothes. We will be moving a lot!
  • February 15 & 18: No School (Winter Break)


Nothing new to report. Please bring clean towels and book bags on Monday and library books on Tuesday or before. 🙂


Bible: We picked up our Bible lessons right where we left off and are now learning about Jesus’s ministry. This week we learned about his baptism. We discussed that this was an important event because it was one way Jesus showed his humanity and also because God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit were all on the scene. It was special to hear stories about baptisms in your own families as well. Later in the week, we talked about Jesus choosing his 12 disciples, 12 ordinary men like us who were to help Jesus teach the Good News of God. We have the same job of telling others about Jesus!

Literacy: We continued to explore adjectives. Before break we talked about possessive adjectives such as mi, tu, and su. This week we talked about a different kind of possessive adjective mio, tuyo, suyo. If I want to say “The mittens are mine.” I say “Los mitones son mios.” If I want to say “my mittens” I say “mis mitones.”

  • Read aloud: Las Estaciones
  • Vocabulary Words:
    • el deporte- sport
    • las luciérnagas- lightning bugs
    • ilumina- light up
    • rodar- roll
    • abrigar- wrap up (to keep warm)
  • Word wall word: día
  • Phrase of the week: Yo tengo ____. (I have ____.)
  • Letter of the week/handwriting letter: Zz

Math: This week we looked closely at what happens when we add 1 to a number. We learned that numbers grow and the sum is the next number we say when we count by 1s.

Writing Workshop: We began a new unit on pattern books this week! A pattern book is a book with words that repeat on each page. Pattern books usually have a clear theme, such as animals, colors, or shapes. We began writing a class book using Yo veo and colors. Each page will have the phrase Yo veo ____.  and a color.

Exploring God’s World: We began a new unit on Motion this week! We learned about push and pull. We classified pictures as showing a push or pull and practiced feeling these in our bodies with some sensory breaks- good for all bodies and brains!

Up in Lights: Elle Koster was Up in Lights this week! It was fun to see your parents and two younger sisters, Elle! God created you so special! We learned Elle loves to ride her bike and has even completed a bike race! One of her responsibilities at home is to help dad clean the bikes.

From the Immersion Program Director, Jodi Pierce

Do you know someone who is interested in immersion education? Please consider sharing your children’s experience with them. Spread the word that ZCS will be hosting a showcase open house event on January 17 at 7:00pm. If you know of someone who would like to see the program in action, you are welcome to put them in touch with Jodi Pierce ( so that we can arrange a time for a tour. Thanks for advocating for ZCS!

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