Newsletter 21: Week of March 3

Weekly Highlights

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the love you poured out on our family Friday morning. It was so special to celebrate our little girl as a class. Thank you for the pack ‘n play and high chair. We’re looking forward to meeting our daughter and getting to use them with her soon! You have loved us well time and time again this school year! Thank you!

It was good to be together for 5 full days. In addition to celebrating Baby Izenbaard on Friday we had another celebration earlier this week. On Tuesday we celebrated the 100th day of school! Your kids are super heroes in my eyes.

Important Dates

March 5: Optional Parent/Teacher conferences

March 6: March is Reading Day: Waldo at Night *Wear pajamas and bring a flashlight

March 7-9: 8th Grade Play (Peter Pan)

March 13: March is Reading Day: Waldo goes to the Game *wear sports gear

March 14: All School Chapel with Joel Tanis 11am- I will send a book order home this week if you’d like to order his book.

March 19: Spring Elementary Program @ 6:15

A note from the music teachers: 

Our Spring Elementary Music Program is quickly approaching! Mark your calendars for Tuesday evening, March 19, at Community Reformed Church in Zeeland. Two short performances will be held: K/1/2nd grades at 6:15pm, and 3/4/5th grades at 7:15pm. Families who do not have students at both levels do not need to stay for both events as there will be transition time. More details to come!

March 20: March is Reading Day: wear stripes like Waldo!

March 27: March is Reading: Beach day *dress in bright colors or beachy clothes (no swimsuits) 🙂

March 31: Baby Izenbaard’s Due Date 🙂

Ongoing: If you have any hearts sheets for our sponsor student from the Philippines, you may turn those in at any time.

Ongoing: March is reading month! We will be participating in several optional reading programs. I will send information home this week on the Whitecaps program as well as our last Pizza Hut Book It calendar.


Bible: We continued learning about miracles. We read about Jesus feeding the 5,000 and healing the blind man. It amazes me that this same power lives inside of us! In kindergarten singing we talked about how our great big God who performs miracles has our problems under control.

Below is our new Bible verse:

Miracles Bible Verse: Pidan, y se les dará; busquen, y encontrarán; llamen, y se les abrirá. Mateo 7:7

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

Literacy: This week we continued our conversations about verbs. We learned that verbs with nosotros usually end in amos, emos, or imos. In small groups we acted out a verb we do at school for our classmates to guess the verb using the third person plural form.

  • Reading strategy: Visualizing
  • Read aloud: Quiero Viajar
  • Vocabulary words
    • avión (airplane)
    • yate/bote (boat)
    • el velero (sailboat)
    • el autobus (bus)
    • el cohete (rocket)
    • el tren (train)
    • explorar (to explore)
    • viajar (to travel)
  • Word wall word: tengo (I have)
  • Phrase of the week: Hice ___. (I did ___. or I made ___.
  • Letter of the week/Handwriting Letter: Rr

Math: We are working on teen numbers. Our goal is to see them as 10 and a few more. For example, 16 is 10 and 6 more.

Writing Workshop: We took a break from our pattern books to make a class book on the 100th day of school. The title is My Parents Tell Me 100 Times To… It was fun to hear the kids’ answers!

Exploring God’s World: We explored gravity further this week with ramps and a variety of balls. We drew the results of our investigation and practiced writing the words abajo (down) and rápido (fast.)

Up in Lights: Keira was Up in Lights this week! It’s obvious she is an amazing big sister to her younger brother and sister. She always has such a positive attitude at school which was confirmed when she shared she’d like to be a teacher and her favorite place to visit is school. We love you, Keira!

From our immersion director, Jodi Pierce

What do we mean by cross-linguistic connections? As our students begin their immersion experience, we focus on maintaining a clear definition between languages by insisting that teachers resist any direct translation and by having clear expectations for using the target language only in the classrooms. As students mature, though, we look for opportunities to draw connections between the languages. Helping students see cognates (which is a skill that usually doesn’t develop until upper elementary), pointing out grammatical similarities and differences, and highlighting the mechanical differences between languages are just a few of the ways we encourage our students to draw connections between their two languages. While focusing on cross-linguistic connections deepens a child’s understanding of the language, we are still careful to never mix the languages and to stay true to the expectation that teachers and students use only Spanish/Mandarin in their classrooms.


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