Newsletter #4

 Newsletter #4

Wow! We are on our way to getting much more used to hearing/and saying some Mandarin phrases/words along the way. This week’s goal was to introduced to the children that other than listening and speaking Mandarin, characters are also a big part of Mandarin, and in class we are working to start looking at characters! I also share the news with the class that we will start to move more towards hearing more Mandarin from our friends and hearing less English – the children took the news positively and is very excited to start filling in our Mandarin incentive jar!

Thank you so much for your hard work with the children’s first homework! Let me know if you have any questions about how to guide them or the strokes directions/order reading. I am happy to help. I also wanted to let you know that you are a great help in developing good Mandarin writing habit for the children 🙂 Just a reminder that Mandarin Homework is due on Fridays!

This week, Ms. Sheila came in and talk to our class about alike and differences. Ms. Sheila talked about how we all have green part (things that comes easy to us) and pink part (things that is a little harder). We talked about how we can help each other out and complete the puzzles together with our green and pink part of puzzles. We talk about how God has made us special and that He has a plan for all of us 🙂

What did we learn and What will we learn?

Mandarin: We learned a couple more basic strokes this week (we are working through our strokes practice booklet!) We have learned 15 different strokes so far and the children and starting to realize more and more that these strokes make up our Mandarin characters! We also practiced numbers 1-7 at school. We continue to explore and learn new phrases/vocabularies constantly! We are working hard on listening and repeating words, as well as starting to be aware that every Mandarin words have characters that goes along with it and we are starting to put more attention to the characters now that we are getting used to hearing Mandarin.

Math: We continue to review our numbers and shapes through different activities such as drawing, counting, looking at books about it, and many more. There are also many opportunities to include numbers, counting and even adding and subtractions through routines such as counting our lunch options, counting the amount of friends, or playing with cubes during Play Time. We introduced the concept of addition and subtraction – looked at how numbers become “more” when we add, and how it become “less” when we subtract.

Bible: We reviewed how Adam and Eve fell into sin, and how we need Jesus to rescue us from our sins. We also talked about Babel, and how there are languages in the world now and we learn languages so that we can tell the people in the world about our God. We were really emphasizing on God’s promise this week as we talk about how Abraham was obedient, and God kept his promise with Abraham (giving him a son Isaac and many more generations after him!) just like how God kept his promise with Noah when he gave Noah the rainbow. We then connect to how God keep His promise of giving us a savior – Jesus Christ. We continue to practice our September Bible Memory Verse!

Science: We continue to explore things around our world with our five senses. We also took a tour outside to explore our sense of sight with the help of magnifying glass! It was great to see the children making connections of the vocabularies we learn in class to what they see on our playground. We then tried our best to draw out the natural materials that we have picked up from the playground. It was so great to see the children turn into scientists and do their best in drawing what they see outside/in class with the magnifying glass!

Social Studies: We talked about alike and differences – we talked about how we each is a unique individuals that have roles. At home, we are children of our parents, and at school we are students and Lilaoshi is our teacher. We talked about feelings and explore feelings related to being in Kindergarten.

Play: I am observing and enjoying the creativity and imagination that the Kindergarteners have each day. There are so many opportunities for children to learn and develop skills that will go a long way – so much fun and so much learning at the same time!

Things to Note:

Water Bottle and Towel: Water bottle and towel were sent home on Friday. Please clean them and return them to school with the Kindergarteners on Monday!

Mandarin Homework: Mandarin Homework this coming week is on numbers 8-10. We have practiced number 5-7 at school together 🙂 Please continue to watch and guide your child through their Mandarin Homework by helping them follow the stroke order (you will be able to see it on the paper, and it starts left to right most of the time) and word proportion. Let me know if you have any questions about this!

Flashcard: Flashcard will also be coming home. It will be on colors. Please make sure that you keep the flashcards that I send home each week (in the ziplock bag that I gave last week) so children can keep practicing! The goal is for the children to recognize the characters! Please take a couple of minutes to review it with them – the more exposure they get the more they will be able to remember.

You can check our Resource Page for the audio recordings of the flash card each week.

I will be CHECKING their Mandarin Homework on Fridays, Please make sure your child’s name is on it (English name is fine).

School Pictures: Our class is scheduled to have our school picture taken on Tuesday, October 4th. All picture order forms are going home sometime next week. If you plan to order individual pictures for your child please be sure to fill out the information correctly on the form.

Photos: I have added a page that has photos/snippets of our classroom life! Feel free to check the page and there will be new photos added from time to time!

What’s coming up?

Specials: Monday – Spanish, Art, Tuesday – Music, Spanish, Wednesday – Library, Thursday – Spanish, PE.

Mandarin Framework Learning: Now that we have learned most of our usual routines, we are going to start our Mandarin Framework – which means we are going to dive into learning and discovering Mandarin through various ways each day. It is going to be overwhelming at first certainly, but we are going to get through it slowly but surely together!

Degraaf Nature Center: Our first fieldtrip is this coming Friday (Sept 30th)! We are going to go to Degraaf Nature Center from about 9:00AM-11:30AM, that will take most of our morning and we will be back around lunch time. Special thanks to Carrie and Geilyn who prepares our class snacks and drinks!

Picture Day: October 4, Tuesday. I am sending home forms in red alert folders this coming Tuesday.

Book It: Starting in October! You will be getting information and a sheet that children can fill in to earn their free pizzas.

Prayer Requests:

Please continue to pray for our class and the children as we adjust to school, how to do school, and adjust to learning everything in Mandarin. I am so proud of the children and know that they work really hard each and every day, and I am aware and not surprised that they are exhausted after school certainly. I would like to assure you that this is a phase that the children go through as well! The children will continue to adjust to it and they are great on taking challenges!

Please continue to pray for the Kindergartener’s anxieties and worries – drop off and saying goodbye to parents is hard for many of our friends 🙁 It breaks my heart to see the children start the day with tears! Though they do turn into smiles pretty soon 🙂




Mandarin Characters/Strokes!

Hi Parents, Here are some information regarding Mandarin basic stroke as well as stroke order 🙂 I thought it might be interesting and/or helpful for you to know, especially when it is such a big part of your child’s Mandarin learning experiences! It can also be a reference to you as you work alongside your child when they are practicing writing their characters at home 🙂

Basic Strokes: (I will send home a hardcopy of this tomorrow!)

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 2.59.55 PM

Website on basic Mandarin characters forms/directions of writing


Video on Characters stroke order/direction


Working with your child at home

First of all, I would like to say thank you so much for working at home with your children, and for your support towards our class 🙂 

I would like to clarify somethings with you in regards of “translating” – in general on activities/papers that are sent home, and in specific weekly homework and flashcards.

On our Mandarin homework and flashcard, you will find pinyin and the English meaning of those words. I want to let you know that the pinyin and English words are there for you as references (so that you have an idea of what we are learning). However, they do not serve as “translations” for the children.

– For Flashcard: Please focus on practicing with your child to recognize the words – don’t tell them what the word is in English. You can work on making meaning through drawing, motions, guessing game, etc – just don’t translate directly 🙂 Practice on recognizing, recognizing and recognizing – At school we work on understanding these words through drawings/motions, etc.

– For Homework: Please focus on making sure they are following the stroke and proportion of the characters. These words are so important as foundations building for their Mandarin learning!

PLEASE help me keep your children accountable of following the stroke orders of the characters as well as the proportions of the characters in the square (we constantly practice this at school too – but it can be so much more intentional when you are one on one). Mandarin has basic strokes and components of a word(character) that are in many different characters, and if they get the stroke/proportion wrong now, it will potentially create habits that will last a long time.

In an immersion approach to learning a language, the focus is acquiring the language through authentic and meaningful interactions with words. It is important that the students are not learning the language through English; we want the students to understand Mandarin as it is and not have to first process it through their English. We are working on not “translating” at school – and I ask that you do the same at home. If they get translations at home, there is possibility that they would then depend on getting translations at home instead of working to understand what words mean in Mandarin at school.

At such early stage of Mandarin learning, the students might be able to tell you what the characters are, but might not be able to tell you completely what it means – I want to reassure you that this is okay in an early stage, and the more they learn, the more understanding they will be able to build. You might find it interesting that translating is an advanced skill that is more developmentally appropriate when the students are above third grade.

If there are English on assignments (papers that I send home), they serve as a reference (for you) but not as translation (for the children).

What can I do to help my child understand words/phrases?

Draw it, do it in motions, *be creative with this* – just don’t tell them what it is in English 🙂

If you have any questions about this – let me know!

Thank you so much for your constant parental support! The children are working hard as they learn how to do school and all about Kindergarten in another language – and it won’t be possible without your support and encouragements as parents at home 🙂




Newsletter #3

Newsletter #3

Dear parents, We have made it through our first full weeks of school! The children are setting into routines and are doing a good job 🙂 Now that we are getting much more used to listening and saying/repeating what things are in Mandarin, we are working very intentionally to start looking at characters when we say them too! We are working to recognize characters that we have seen a lot since school starts – which include numbers and our own name. We will work more intentionally on listening, repeating/saying, and reading Mandarin words!

Last week, we have a new friend that visited us for a couple of days. We found out that he will be joining our class officially starting this coming week! Please join me in welcoming Kennin, and his mom Wanda to our class and ZCS. They are new to ZCS and Michigan!

What did we learn and What will we learn?

Mandarin: We continue to learn our basic strokes and this week. As we learn more basic strokes, your children will become more familiar with the strokes that makes up the Mandarin Characters. We are also working to get the children to recognize their Mandarin names. We had the chance to explore some Mandarin characters/vocabularies through Mandarin Centers.

If you have some time this weekend, I would encourage you to pull out the page that had the children’s Mandarin name, and help children to be more familiar with how their Mandarin names look like!

pie down stroke to the left
(written from top right to bottom left)
as in the character

ba (eight)
na down stroke to the right
(written from top left to bottom right)
as in the character

ru (to enter)
dian dot
(written from top to bottom right or left)
as in the character

liu (six)
ti upward stroke
(written from bottom left to top right)
as in the character

ba (to grasp)
shugou vertical stroke with a hook as in the character

xiao (small)
wangou bending stroke with a hook as in the character

gou (dog)

Writing: We continue to practice telling stories and sharing quick news in the morning – we learned that a story has a beginning, middle and end. We learned that when we tell stories, we are going to start from telling them, then drawing them, then writing them.

Science: We are constantly learning and practicing our basic body parts and we continue to review five senses. We started exploring things with our five senses through books and using things in the classroom. We then focus on using the sense of sight and it helped us classifying different shapes according to colors, shapes as well as sizes. We will continue to explore the world with our senses.

Math: We continue to practice and get familiar with our numbers especially 1-10. This week we also intentionally work on recognizing our numbers in Mandarin (and the characters). This week, We had a couple times of math stations where we practice our number sense through counting pictures, math games with the teacher, and counting our fingers. We started learning how to write Mandarin numbers 1-3. We will practice writing numbers 1-4 at school and at home this coming week and we will continue to practice our number sense.

Bible: We reviewed our creation story, had a discussion about humans falling into sins, and talked about Noah and the Ark. We talk about how humans fall in to sin but god promised us that He will send a savior. We also introduced our Bible Memory Verse (Genesis 8:22) – I sent home a visual page that can help explain what the verse means for the children a couple days ago, and introduced the Fruit of the Spirit: Love. You can find the verses at our Bible Memory Resource Page. We are learning how to sing Jesus Loves Me in Mandarin! We will be talking about the story of Babel and Abraham this coming week.

Play: We are enjoying our play time and our different friends’ companies during play time! We learn what the different “play materials” are called, and we are developing problem solving skills, learning how to share and take turns. I have been having a lot of fun playing and seeing children with their imagination and creativity 🙂

Things to Note:

Math Flashcards Resources: In your Red Alert Folder, you will find Math numbers flashcard (with visual chips they can count), as well as Mandarin Numbers Flashcard. I strongly encourage you to cut these flashcards and practice with the children – we are working on making connections of our numbers (and not always depend on counting in Mandarin from 1-10 to find that 五 is 5).

End of Day Bus Dismissal Time Change:  These times reflect a 5 minute earlier dismissal due to a change from Zeeland Public Transportation. Elementary: 3:20 ready bell, 3:25 bus dismissal bell. Parents can start picking up children at 3:25. *elementary walkers are dismissed after busses have left the drive*

Incentive Jar: We started the Incentive Jar this week. Each time a child produce a Mandarin Phrase, or participate really well in class, I add a spiral pasta to our Incentive Jar. The children are aware that when the Jar is all filled up they will get to celebrate it with something special 🙂 I can tell that it is really motivating them to produce Mandarin phrases. Please continue to encourage your child to learn and speak Mandarin – teaching you new phrases that they learn 🙂

Parent Driver Information: Due to new insurance requirements, new documentation is required of all parents before they are allowed to drive for ZCS field trips, sports, after school activities, etc.

1.  Every driver must turn in a copy of their driver’s license and valid proof of insurance to the ZCS Main Office. These will be kept on file for the duration of the school year. Parents are responsible for checking to make sure the copies on file are valid and not expired.

2.  Each time a parent drives, he or she will need to sign the “Driver Guidelines” agreement indicating they will abide by the safety standards laid out in the agreement. They will also confirm that the license and proof of insurance on file in the office is up to date.

We are grateful for all of our parent drivers. So, we want to make these new requirements as easy to meet as possible. Please feel free to send copies of your license and proof of insurance to school with your student and have them drop them off in the main office. Or, stop by with the documents and we will gladly make copies for you.

Photos: I have added a page that has photos/snippets of our classroom life! Feel free to check the page and there will be new photos added from time to time!

Mandarin and English Homework: This coming week will be the first week of you seeing both Mandarin and English Homework in the Red Alert Folder. Mandarin Homework consist a writing practice sheet (collected on Fridays) and Flashcard that you keep at home and practice with the children. I will check their Mandarin Homework. English Homework is optional, but feel free to send it back to school if that helps keep your children accountable! I do not check their English homework and do not teach them Handwriting Without Tears at school.

 What’s coming up?

Specials: Monday – Spanish, Art, Tuesday – Music, Spanish, Wednesday – Library, Thursday – Spanish, PE.

Mandarin Homework: I will be sending our first Mandarin Homework this coming Monday. It is going to be on numbers practice. Please watch and guide your child through their Mandarin Homework by helping them follow the stroke order (you will be able to see it on the paper, and it starts left to right most of the time) Let me know if you have any questions about this! Please also help your child to follow the characters proportion (which part of the characters in in which box, which stroke is longer/shorter, where the characters should be written). Both stroke orders and characters proportions are essentials in Mandarin Characters writing, and it’s important to create good habits early in the year!

Mandarin Homework is send home on Mondays, and collected on Fridays. Please make sure your child’s name is on the homework (English name is fine at this point) since I will be checking it.

Flashcard: Flashcard will also be coming home and it is going to be on Family Members. Please make sure that you keep the flashcards that I send home each week so children can keep practicing! The goal is for the children to recognize the characters!

Degraff Nature Center Field Trip: September 30th, Friday.

Picture Day: October 4, Tuesday. I am sending home forms in red alert folders this coming Tuesday.

Book It: Starting in October! You will be getting information and a sheet that children can fill in to earn their free pizzas!

Prayer Requests:

New Friend: Please pray for the new family/friend joining us as he transitions into our class, please pray for the children as they develop friendships – please pray for the children to learn to take our school theme to heart and learn to be selfless.

Our class: Please continue to pray for our class! As we dive more into Mandarin, it is certainly not easy for your child to learn how to “do school” and learning it in another language at the same time.

If you have prayer requests that you are willing and comfortable to share with our class, I would be more than happy to include them as well – just let me know!


- 黎老师


Newsletter #2

Newsletter #2

Second week of Kindergarten – We have been spending some time learning and some time practicing routines. As Kindergarteners, there are a lot of new things for your child to learn about school and how to do school.

Contents and most routines are fully taught in Mandarin now – your children are constantly learning new concepts and words! We often use visuals, movements and modeling/repetition to teach a concept/word. We also had a talk about how we are in Mandarin classroom and how our classroom is going to look like. The children are aware that Li Laoshi will be speaking in Mandarin at all times (except unexpected emergency issues) starting this coming week, and that we “translating” for our friends does not help them learn the language.

Please talk to the children and reassure them that it is alright to feel like they don’t fully understand something, but at the same time also keep their mind open and try to “observe and think” before right away assuming that the teacher means this/that 🙂 Please encourage the children to try saying and understanding each things, and to not quickly say “I don’t know/I don’t understand” and give up. We also promise each other that we will not “translate” for our friends because we want everyone to have the chance to learn and grow in Mandarin!

What did we learn and what will we learn?

Mandarin: We continue to learn what animals are called, colors, and family members terms. We learned how Mandarin has 4 (and the 5th that is unusual) tones/intonation, we are practicing to hear and recognize them when we hear and speak Mandarin. The four tones are:

bā bá bǎ bà
jī jí jǐ jì
chī chí chǐ chì
yū yú yǔ yù

When you have two 3rd intonations/tones together, we would read it as 2nd and 3rd intonation, even though it’s written 3rd 3rd (as example below).

nǐ hǎo – read as ní hǎo
hěn hǎo – read as hén hǎo


We also started learning 4 of the basic strokes of Mandarin and talked about how learning this strokes will help them get to know and write Mandarin characters. We will start practicing these stroke orders in class.

横héng horizontal stroke
(written from left to right)
as in the character

yī (one)
竖shù vertical stroke
(written from top to bottom)
as in the character

shí (ten)
piě down stroke to the left
(written from top right to bottom left)
as in the character

ba (eight)
down stroke to the right
(written from top left to bottom right)
as in the character

ru (to enter)

Writing: We are practicing to tell stories, and started trying to draw our stories out.

Reading: We will learn that there are three different ways to read a book (Read the pictures, Read the words and Re-tell the story).

Bible: We talked about the school’s theme and the Creation story this week. We have finished our Creation story, which we will review again before continuing next week. The children have been hearing bible stories in Mandarin and through pictures, drawing and coloring through the booklet you have gotten in the mail on Friday. We also started talking about the fruit of the spirit: Love. We will be talking about how Adam and Eve falls into sin.

Below is the Creation Story video:

Science: We started preteaching the different senses and what we use them for.

眼睛 yǎnjīng – 看一看 kànyikàn, 耳朵 ěrduo – 听一听 tīngyìtīng, 鼻子 bízi – 聞一闻 wényìwén, 舌头 shétóu – 尝一尝 chángyìcháng , 手 shǒu – 摸一摸 mōyìmō

Social Studies: We talk about how each and everyone of us are uniquely made and different – and that God loves us all! We got the chance to link it to our theme of selfless this year as we think about other people, and we talk about how words and actions that are not kind is hurtful – we can’t take it back. We will continue to talk about how we can be good friends.

Math: We have been discussing numbers 1-10 quite a lot and representing the numbers in different ways. Below is an audio recording of 1-10 in Mandarin. You can help your child at home by counting and drawing things in daily life (encourage them to do it in Mandarin)!



Calendar: We talked about days of the week, months of the year, and daily calendar and weather each morning. Below are audio recordings of the songs we sing for days of the week and months of the year.

Days of the week


Months of the year


Things to note:

Our classroom rules are:

1.Love God, Love others as yourself   2. Be a good friend   3. Make good choices

We have discussed and talked about our Classroom Contract, and talk about how there is a time for everything. A time for school, a time for work, a time for learning, a time for play, a time to talk and etc.

I would encourage that you take some time to discuss with your child how does respect look like to teachers, friends, properties(things) and themselves. We have discussed different examples of respect, and feelings that involve with it (for example: What does it mean to respect? It is not very nice to disrespect…, it makes the person sad if you….)

We also talked about how your child makes the choices, and Li Laoshi is to help them and remind them to make good choices – classroom management like chip system, practicing (as a class/individually as necessary) and break time are some ways that we use in class to help them remember to make good choices.

It will be nice for the children to know that the teacher and parents are on the same page 🙂

Towel and Water Bottle: It is our first week of sending home towels and water bottle, please clean them and return them back to school on Monday.

End of Day Bus Dismissal Time Change:  These times reflect a 5 minute earlier dismissal due to a change from Zeeland Public Transportation. Elementary: 3:20 ready bell, 3:25 bus dismissal bell. Parents can start picking up children at 3:25. *elementary walkers are dismissed after busses have left the drive*

Pencil Grip: We have been doing some writing and coloring and I would walk around to check on the children’s progress as well as their pencil grip. Please continue to work on pencil gripping at home with your child when you get the chance to do so as well 🙂

Red Alert Folder:  Thank you for checking and sending them back to school daily. We don’t always have things in the mail but I really appreciate you doing so.

Library Book: Your child checked out their first library book this past Wednesday! Your child can keep the book for 1-2weeks, but they can only check out a new book after returning the previous one. You can have your child bring back the book that they are returning on Wednesdays, or a day before that.

Resources page: A resource page is set up and is going to be constantly updated. It will include audio recordings of frequently used greetings, phrases, the way to read it/intonation, if you see resources like homework or high frequency recordings, those aren’t for now. When we start our framework and those resources becomes handy I’ll let you know!

What’s coming up?

Specials: Monday – Spanish, Art, Tuesday – Music, Spanish, Wednesday – Library, Thursday – Spanish, PE.

Handwriting Without Tears: I will be sending home our first English homework (which is optional) this coming Monday. They will be on the right back to school side of the Red Alert Folder. They are not checked but if you would like to send them back to school so you can keep your child accountable for HW, you can do so on or before Fridays. For this week, there is also an introduction “2 pages” that will be on the left at home side.

(Mandarin HW – mandatory is not going to start yet. I will let you know when it starts)

Degraff Nature Center Field Trip: September 30th, Friday.

Please pray for our class as our Kindergarteners adjust to full day of school, routines and expectations and the worries and anxieties of not being able to see mom/dad for the whole day! Please pray for the relationships that are starting to form in our class 🙂




Newsletter #1

Newsletter #1

Wow! First week of school flew by! We are getting to know each other, and starting a little bit of Mandarin here and there. This coming week we will talk about how God created each and every one of us different and uniquely and we will celebrate that. We will also talk about carefully choosing kind and loving words, and do kind actions through a toothpaste activity.

Thank you for your support! From filling in paper work, getting things in promptly, classroom donations, prayers and encouraging words. Please know that it is greatly appreciated 🙂

What did we learn and What will we learn?

Mandarin: We are doing our daily calendar with Mandarin – It include dates, days of the week, months of the year, weather. We also have been learning colors, and Animals in Mandarin. We are starting to use Mandarin through short phrases and pictures, as well as repeating after Li Laoshi. There are songs that your children already know (or will soon be really familiar with) that we use daily during a couple of routines, and we often sing it together as a class.

Bible:  We discussed about God and the bible. We also talk about our school theme selfless. We started talking about Day 1 and 2 of the Creation stories and will continue to tell the Creation Stories next week.

Math: We learned numbers, and review what we know in Mandarin (mostly from 1-10). We looked and numbers and counted dots that represent numbers. We will learn different ways to represent numbers.

Play: We have been exploring a couple of things in our classroom. We talked about sharing, being nice and respectful to our toys and classroom, and how to clean up. Next week, we will get to have Play time at the preschool classrooms.

The Kissing Hand: We read the story of Chester in English and in Mandarin, and we also had a “school tour” as we look for Chester! We also have an artwork that goes along with The Kissing Hand that you might have seen out by our classroom.

Social Studies: We talked about what it means to respect and make good choices. We also got a chance to talk about our class contract and sign it as a class. We will continue to learn classroom routines and brainstorm how to be a part of a class.

Our classroom rules are:

  1. Love God, Love others as yourself
  2. Be a good friend
  3. Make good choices

Things to Note:

Information: Thank you for coming to our parent information night! If you have any questions after reading all the papers in your folder, please let me know. If you are confused about something or don’t feel like you have enough information, contact me! It is possible that I might have missed an important detail without realizing it.

Routine: We have been learning and practicing a couple different routines.

Morning routine:

  • Arrival
  • Lunch bag, water bottle
  • Red alert folder and mail for Li Laoshi
  • Choose Lunch
  • Take chair down from table
  • Hang backpack in locker
  • Recess – Playground until 8:40am (Kindergarteners doesn’t have to wait for LiLaoshi to pick them up anymore, they can start walking back by themselves as the bell ring)
  • Morning work

Going home routine

  • Pray
  • Pick up trash
  • Back pack
  • Lunch bag
  • Water bottle (if bringing home every day)
  • Red alert folder and mail
  • Dismissal as name is called
  • Stack the chair

Please help me make sure that Red Alert folder is check daily and returned to the children’s backpack!

Volunteers: Thank you to our classroom volunteers for Busy Bees at Home and at School. If you are interested in getting on the list to help out our classroom – let me know!

Bus Duty and Busser: This coming week we start bussing – for the first couple of days I will be walking our busser to the bus so I will be asking a parent that is available by our class to watch the children for a couple minutes while I’m gone, and dismiss your child afterwards. On Tuesdays I have Bus Duty, I will be gone from 3:25-3:40PM (I will bring the busser with me as I head out). Elda and/or Carrie are willing to help me dismiss the children – so on Tuesdays, they will be dismissing the children. Thank you for helping me make this work!

Blue Note: If you did not receive the Blue Note electronically this past Wednesday, please email Tracy Nelesen (tnelesen@zcs.org) so your email is on the list!

What’s coming up?

Classroom Jobs and Chip System: Our chip system and classroom jobs are starting officially this coming week. We have talked about them and will review again next week as we start the system and our jobs.

Bussing and Hot Lunch – We start them this coming week!


If your child is having hot lunch, please remind your children their choices in the morning – I send out lunch order as soon as we start our day at 8:45am, and once I send it out the children can’t change their choice of lunch. If you need help setting up his/her hot lunch account, please contact the office.

Library: This coming Wednesday, we get to go to the library and take a little tour.

Spanish: We had our first Spanish class last Thursday. This week, Spanish will be on Tuesday and Thursday.

Music: We will be having our first Music class this Tuesday.

PE: We had our first PE class this past Thursday. We will be having our PE on Thursday. Please make sure PE shoes are kept in their locker at all times (when Snow starts coming in they change their boots to PE shoes when they are in the building).

Degraff Nature Center Field Trip: September 30th, Friday.

Please keep our class in your prayers as we grow and learn together 🙂


– 黎老师