Featured Friend Schedule

Each week, we will highlight one of our friends and have them “featured” in class. This is a great way to get to know each one of our classmates better and to show each child how special they are to us and to God. God created each and every child unique, and there is no one else in the word just like them! God gave each child so many gifts and talents for us to celebrate. 

I will be sending home a hard-copy of the pages 2 weeks ahead – so that you can help your child work with it at home! Since they might not have the Mandarin words to fill it in <especially if he/she is featured quite early in the year>, they may draw and write English in the pages (Please help me in making sure that there are drawings because that will be really helpful when we share the information in Mandarin!) – when we featured them in the class, I will help them and guide them to say it in Mandarin. We will do this typically on the Monday mornings.

I will remind you 1 week prior to when your child is featured!

What do I need to know:

During the week that your child is featured, you are WELCOME to come to our class on a day that work for you during lunch hour (11:55-12:20) to share about your child – it will help us to get to know your child even more!

Some examples include sharing their gifts and talents, small stories while they grow up, or reading their favorite book – it can be anything your choice! When you come during lunch hour, keep in mind that the pages will already be talked about beforehand. You are coming as a special guest that can tell us more on what’s special about our featured friend!  Please let me know if you are planning to do this, and what day would work for you :)

Below you will see a Schedule that I have set up, which include the WEEK that your child is featured. Let me know if for some reasons the week I have scheduled for your child would not work – we can work it out!

程浩宇 Easton Chapman – Nov 7

安文廉 William Elenbaas – Nov 14

何雅明 Alina Haveman – Dec 5

何昫恩 Elise Hemmeke – Dec 12

郭俊毅 Ethan Koeze – Dec 19

欧佳悦 Harmoni Osterink – Jan 9

彭丽思 Reese Palmer – Jan 16

屈子勇 Soren Traver – Jan 30

徐陈序可 Kennin Zee-Cheng – Feb 6

韩明慧 Abi Haak – Feb 13

I cannot wait to hear all about our friends and celebrate our featured friend of the week! Please let me know if you have any questions :)

– 黎老师