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Walk like an Egptyian

What did we make:Me and my group made an Egyptian museum.It has all the parts that make it a social class it even has a live mummy (okay okay it wasn’t an Egyptian mummy it was a group member but still.)We worked very hard both at  home and at school to put together this museum.We also took a survey to see what kids like in museums then with that info we turned into to graphs which helped us deiced what to put in the museum.


What’s your favorite part: My favorite part of the project was learning more about Egypt becuase ever since i was like 5 years old i loved learning about ancient Egypt and I still do today.My favorite part about working on the museum was that i got to use Minecraft my all time favorite video game to build a sphinx for the people to see.It was also fun to listen to this one song about aceint egpyt which is called walk like an ancient Egyptian.


What did you learn about Egypt: Well since i was learning about Egypt not much really i guess if i had to choose one i learned a little more about how they mummified people other than that like i said (typed really) before nothing because i knew it already.So i didn’t learned much which makes me sad but i got to help my group learn more which waas fun.



What did you learn about collaboration:I learned that if someone is distracting you (or trying ) to not listen to them so you can go back to helping your group work on whatever ever it maybe that your working on. I aslo learned to listen to  other people ideas and that it is okay if my ideas never get used.


  1. Dad
    Posted March 1, 2013 at 13:17 | #

    Dear “King Tut”
    Great job on the project!
    I never knew that Minecraft was your favorite game – what a surprise!!!!
    Maybe someday we can take a trip to Egypt so you can see in person everything you’ve worked on and enjoy learning about. At least we should watch “The Mummy” this weekend. I’m wondering what was the thing that surprised you the most about Egypt that you didn’t know before?

  2. aschreur19
    Posted March 1, 2013 at 19:20 | #

    The thing that suprised me was anything i didn’t know.

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