February 22

Spaghetti tower

We have a picture of the practice tower, but not the real one. The real one turned out way better because the measurements were exact. :Photo on 2-9-16 at 11.00 AM

The thing that we did best was the side panels with the X’s. They helped us out and were an essential part to our tower.

What didn’t go well was that our egg holder broke and so we had to turn it over, that mean that the sticky side was up.

My favorite part was working with Abby, Ellie and Tiana. That was lots of fun!

My least favorite part was the stress of not knowing if it would work.

February 19

LA Mystery


Suzie was a normal babysitter for this family, the Petersons. The Petersons love Suzie and she loved all 10 kids Noah, Emma, Mason, Olivia, Sophia, Jacob, Isabella, Michael, Ava and Ethan. One night Ethan came in and told Suzie his “Teddy” was missing.

“I saw Ava take it,” Ethan said between sobs, “anyway, she says she always wanted one, but I can’t sleep without it.”

“Don’t worry,” said Suzie, “we’ll find it, but in the meantime here is my ‘emergency puppy’ and try to use this to sleep tonight.”

“Ok,” said Ethan, “I can try.”

So that was that and Suzie had to go on a search to find Teddy! First as she had heard from Ethan she went to see if Ava had teddy. She got to her room but she was fast asleep, she didn’t see teddy anywhere but she did notice that Ava had her own stuffed animal and it was a really cute cat.

Suzie checked Olivia’s room next because she knew how much she loved her “stuffies” (what she called her stuffed animals), but teddy was nowhere to be found in her room or bed.

Suzie moved on to the next room. In the hallway she noticed Teddy’s red vest right in front of Noah’s and Jacob’s door. She went inside and Jacob was awake, but he was lying in an awkward position. He looked like he was lying on something and his arm was still underneath him. Also when Suzie talked to him Jacob wouldn’t look Suzie in the eyes.

Suzie asked Jacob, “did you take Teddy?”

“Who is Teddy? Wasn’t he a president? How could I have taken a dead president?” questioned Jacob.

“What are you lying on?” asked Suzie.

“My arm,” said Jacob.

“And what else?” said Suzie.

“Ok, I took Teddy, he’s just so cute I couldn’t resist,” said Jacob.

“May I please have him so I can give him to Ethan?” said Suzie.

“Ok” said Jacob reluctantly handing her the bear.

As Suzie returned to Ethan’s room she put the vest back on Teddy. She went into Ethan’s room and handed Teddy to him. He was so happy, yet so tired that all he did was grab Teddy and hand Suzie “Emergency Puppy”. Then he fell asleep instantly.

What a relief it was to Suzie to know that all the kids were asleep and well.