April 1

blog reflection

1. How have you experienced God lately? How are you praying to see God’s presence in the world? 5 complete, detailed sentences
I have experienced God through not getting sick from the coronavirus. Other ways I have experienced God are still being able to talk to friends online. Also homework is getting easier and i am able to get it done faster. So, a lot of things have gotten easier and I find it better to adjust to. This is an extra sentence i have to write because there has to be five sentences in this answer
2. Describe a time when you were playing outside since the “Stay at Home” went into effect. What did you do? What was the weather like? How did the outside time make you feel? 5 complete, detailed sentences
One of the things I did outside was I rode on my ripsitck. It was damp and it started raining but only after I finished going around the block. I felt really relaxed while I was going around the block and watched the birds and stuff. It was in the afternoon after lunch. and again I have to write this extra sentence because there isn’t anything else to tell
3. Describe one highlight and one “low-light” since your last blog post. 5 complete, detailed sentences.
Make sure to read the comment your teacher left for you after your first post during online learning.
I did not really have a low-light this week I know I will get a bad grade for not having five sentences about nothing. Wait maybe you can it would have to be some kind of poem or something.

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1 thoughts on “blog reflection

  1. Mrs. Z

    Very creative sentences at the end of each questions. You can gladly put a poem there to earn your points:)


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