The Pearl

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I think what stood out to me the most was when Kino refused to throw away the pearl even though it was affecting him and his families safety. I think it was selfish of him and it resulted in him losing everything he had. If he had just done what Juana asked they would never have been in this mess. I think it was brave of Juana to try and throw away the pearl because she knew bad things were going to happen to them.

I learned that it is not good to let things and money rule your life just because you want to be rich and have nice things. It makes you greedy and it can affect the people you love. Kino’s son died because he refused to throw away the pearl, and he hit Juana which could ruin their relationship. If one little thing can make you not care about anything else except getting money then it’s really not worth keeping it.

This will help me when I think I need a new outfit or money for buying something I don’t need I can think how wanting things can ruin your life. If when I get older and I just go out and buy whatever I want whenever I am going to get in trouble fast and it could result in something bad or it might overtake me and all I can think about it what I am going to buy or where I can get more stuff or money.




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Good job Kenzi! I agree, I think Kino was sort of greedy or pridful when he didn’t want to give away the pear.



May 20, 2013 @ 4:31 pm   Reply

It’s really well written. Nice job!

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