Newsletter 22: Week of March 4

Week Overview

Dear parents and families,
This week was definitely one to remember as I said goodbye to all of your amazing
learners. Words cannot describe how much I really wanted time to slow down for just a moment to really embrace and cherish our time together one day at a time. As I like to put it, each sunrise these last 8 weeks was a reminder of how much motivation I had to spend time with your children in school. I absolutely enjoyed every moment of not only teaching but also learning from your students as well! I will truly miss and remember this student teaching experience and value these wonderful memories made in room 16! 

Maestra Medrano

Important Dates

March 5: PT Conferences (optional) and No school

March 5: PT Conferences (optional)

March 8: Field trip to Visser Farms

March 9: Comfy Cozy Reading Day- Your child may wear comfy clothes or pjs

March 23: Camping day- wear your camping gear and bring a flashlight to read

March 28: All school chapel 9:00- everyone is welcome!

March 30-April 7: Spring break 🙂


  • Field Trips: I’m looking forward to our field trips coming up! Thank you for signing up to drive! We are still looking for a couple more drivers for the Critter Barn on April 19 and several more drivers for the Farmers Market on June 6. If you’re interested please sign up here. Thank you!
  • March is Reading Month: On Thursday 2 difference reading log/calendars came home in the red alert folders. One is for Whitecaps baseball. Keep track of your reading to earn a ticket to a baseball game this summer! The other is the last calendar for the Pizza Hut Book It program. Both programs are optional. As a school we’ll be celebrating reading with a variety of activities throughout the month of March. Our first special day is Comfy Cozy Day on Friday, March 9! Wear your comfy clothes or pjs and come ready to snuggle in and READ!


Bible: We continue learning about miracles Jesus performed. We read about Jesus helping the blind man see again and Jesus feeding the 5,000 people. It amazes me that this same power lives inside of us!

Miracles Bible Verse: Pidan, y se les dará; busquen, y encontrarán; llamen, y se les abrirá. Mateo 7:7

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7


  • Reading strategy: Visualizing
  • Read aloud: Quiero Viajar
  • Vocabulary words
    • avión (airplane)
    • yate/bote (boat)
    • el velero (sailboat)
    • el autobus (bus)
    • el cohete (rocket)
    • el tren (train)
    • explorar (to explore)
    • viajar (to travel)
  • Word wall word: tengo (I have)
  • Phrase of the week: Hice ___. (I did ___. or I made ___.
  • Letter of the week/Handwriting Letter: Rr

Math: We are searching for groups of 10 and “extras” inside teen numbers. This week we practiced making teen numbers with manipulatives to show the 10s and 1s.

Writing Workshop: This week we started our unit on Small Moments, true stories with lots of details about one moment. We read The Snowy Day and looked for the small moment in the story.

Exploring God’s World: We continue to talk about living and nonliving things. We’re excited to see some living things when we visit the farm next week!

Up in Lights: Greta was up in lights this week! She has an amazing story! We’re so glad God brought you to our class, Greta! Thank you for sharing your love for cinnamon rolls with us. 🙂

From the Immersion Coordinator, Jodi Pierce

What are your immersion-related questions? 
If there is anything immersion related that you are curious about, afraid of, excited about, and/or interested in, I invite you to connect with me via I will also be around during conferences, so feel free to stop in my office (between the media center and gym) or to schedule a time to meet with me.

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