Theme Writing

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.

I John 4:10-11


Our theme is an amazing theme that can be shown around the world. I think it’s good because it makes people feel happy and better. We can show our theme, Lost in Love, to others in our school and to people in the world.

I can show this theme in many ways at school. I can start conversation with the little kids and make sure they’re comfortable in family groups. I remember when I was in first grade, the 7th graders picked me up for family groups. I would be really shy and scared and not know what to say, I got more comfortable around my family group as I got older and talked to them more. I can try and include more people if they don’t really have anyone to hang out with. I remember earlier this year I really didn’t have 2 of my closest friend here because they changed schools, I eventually started hanging out with some of my other friends and they became even closer friends to me. I can make myself a good example for the elementary and even some middle schoolers. I remember being little I always would look up the the 8th graders and try to be mature like them, and I don’t want the younger kids to follow a bad example.

As Christians, we can also show this theme to the world. Donating money to places who need it is a great example of showing our theme. Whenever I here of someone donating money I look up to them and say to myself, “That is really nice of them, I wish I could be like that.” I want other people to see that and think that too. I can show people that I care for them by just doing little things or by praying for them, even around the area. It just makes them feel good if you compliment them or help them out. Whether it’s 1,000 miles away for even at school, people like if you show them you care by listening to them or shagging a ball for them at practice. I can listen to people and show them respect. People love it when you show caring and kindness to them by listening to them. Others see what you doing and follow, it’s like showing a good example toward others.

We can show our theme, Lost in Love, to others in our school and to people in the world. I really think that there are so many different places to show lost in Love, it’s a great theme. We can respect others and listen more because that shows that you love and care about them and that  you’re interested in what they’re saying.

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