Saugatuck Film Festival

The Solar System

I thought it was a cool thing that they did. Because they thought of it themselves and it was all their idea. It was cool how they choose a distance of 7 miles. It was cool how they used the car marks to mark the area. I was cool how they showed a real example.

Running Wild

I liked that the people where willing to give up their own time. I liked that their trying to help the wolverine’s grow bigger. It’s cool how they have seen a few so it’s keeps them going on it. I would like to do it looks helpful to animals and it looks fun. How did the wolverines become so rare were they all killed or died from a disease.

Cannon Song

I think that it would be cool to know your past. I don’t think that he actually was hearing spirits but who knows their could be. I think it would be cool to live in the cannon because then you can learn many things how you actually should and your free. It would be cool to live out their but their’s dangers to that would make me re-think a little bit. It’s cool that they would ride around and sing to the spirits to say hello.

Possible Jobs

You could become a farmer at the cannon but you would have to start by yourself. You could be a filmer for the people and get the shots they need. You could also work at the places they go or climb at. You could be a surfer at the river’s that have wakes. You could be a runner. You could be the person who makes everything happen. You could be musicians.


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