Newsletter 32: Week of May 20

Week Overview

I was struck several times this week by how much Spanish your kids are speaking! I had a few minutes to spare in Kalamazoo before graduation so I stopped at one of my favorite children’s book stores and bought your kids a surprise to show them how proud I am of them! 🙂 We read our new Elephant and Piggy book together on Friday! If you haven’t read those books, you should give them a try! They’re one of the rare finds that is funny for adults and kids. 🙂

Important Dates

May 28: Memorial Day Parade- I will plan on your child marching unless I hear differently from you.

June 1: PBL Presentations 9:00. Please join us in the music room to celebrate and hear about our projects. Afterward please you’re invited to  our classroom for some cookies.

June 6: Field trip to Farmers Market and Kollen Park. Please pack a sack lunch for your child. We’ll be back to school about 12:45.

June 7: Last day of school- no pm bussing or hot lunch


  • Countdown to Summer Continues!
    • Monday: Number Fun
    • Tuesday: Joke- Wear Orange
    • Wednesday: Popcorn Day
    • Thursday: Quiet Day
    • Friday: Rocking to our Favorite Music

Some pictures from this week’s countdown activities. Thank you, Stella, for the popsicles!


Bible: We continue learning about parables. This week we covered the The Midnight Visitor. We learned that God is always listening to us. He knows the desires of his hearts. Even though His plans are sometimes different than what we ask for, He’s always working for our good. We also covered The Wise and Foolish Builder. We talked about building our lives on Jesus and his promises to be able to stand strong even when problems or storms come. We added a rock to our parable bags. Maestra DeKruyter taught The Good Samaritan.

Our last Bible verse for Kindergarten:

Por tanto vayan y hagan discípulos de todas naciones, bautizándolos en el nombre del Padre y del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo, enseñándoles a obedecer todo lo que les ha mandado a ustedes. Y les aseguro que estaré con ustedes siempre, hasta el fin del mundo. Mateo 28:19, 20

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. Matthew 28:19, 20

Literacy: We finished the aalpa! I’m so proud of all of the kids! The results aren’t something I typically share with parents, but if you’re interested in knowing how your child did, please let me know! I’m happy to share them with you, but they’re really meant to inform my instruction, help your child set goals for the future, and help your child’s 1st grade teacher know where to begin instruction at the beginning of next school year. They’re definitely not “top secret,” but are really more meaningful from a teacher perspective than a parent’s at the kindergarten level, in my opinion. Still curious? I’d love to chat and share them with you.

This week we learned about the letter Ww. When we made a list of all the W words we know we noticed that most of the words used an uppercase W. We reviewed that this means these words are probably names of people or places. W isn’t a very common letter in Spanish and most of these names come from English. We also learned how to name our preferences by saying I like, Me gusta, and I love, Me encanta. 

  • Reading strategy: Inferring
  • Read aloud: Franklin dice “te quiero.”
  • Vocabulary words
    • el regalo (present)
    • el globo (balloon)
    • la mosca (fly)
    • feliz cumpleaños (happy birthday)
    • cansado (tired)
  • Word wall word: gustar (to like)
  • Phrase of the week: Me gusta ____. (I like ____.)
  • Letter of the week: Ww

Math: In math we started learning about 3D shapes. This week we compared a circle and a sphere.

Exploring God’s World: On Friday we met with our 7th grade buddies again. This time we used some technology to support our research. It is amazing to me to hear the Spanish in our classroom when your kindergarteners and the 7th graders are working together!

Writing Workshop: We’re working on our how-to books unit. This week we used the steps to make a pb&j sandwich from last week to create a class book.

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