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Three things that are interesting to me are: That the tides are caused by the mass of the moon, like when it is the hie tide, its because the water wants to go to the mass. When it is the low tide, that is because there is no moon, so the water cant go anywhere. […]

The explorer


Dear Queen of Spain, I would like to invite you to come to a wonderful presentation where I will talk about a wonderful explorer from your country. Our explorer is called Juan Ponce de Leon he has plenty of things that he found and discovered, I am sure that your majesty would like my presentation […]



When you are looking for a good website you can go to the website and go to the links to see if its a good site. You could see what domain it had so that you could see if its a good website. You could check the date that it was made on. You could go […]

¿Por qué podemos pensar en los decimales como divisiones iguales de un número entero?


Porque si tienes 2/1O, puedes escribirlo como un número decimal, esto sería O.2 porque el 2 está en el lugar para los décimos. Esto puede ser usado como monedas porque 1O puede ser un “Dime”. Entonces 2/1O sería 2 “Dimes”. hay centésimos, esto sería 56/1OO. Esto puede ser escrito a O.56. Hay milésimos y esto […]

My three favorite books


The Castle in the attic is about a boy and this lady that lives with him and his family. And the lady was going to go visit her brother in England but the boy did not want her to leave. She gave him her old castle and there was a silver knight and it was […]

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