September 14-18


  • Picture envelopes should have come home with your child this past week. Our pictures will be during the morning of September 29.
  • I am hoping you all have received and been able to log into your child’s seesaw account. If you are having trouble or did not receive your QR code please lmk.
  • September 25 will be a half day. There will be no afternoon bussing and we will dismiss at 11:45.
  • Our Week at a glance will always be connected to our classroom blog and is updated by 5p.m. the Friday prior to the upcoming week. If I do not have my blog updated by that point you are still able to go to our class blog and click on Week at a glance and see the updates! Sometimes as a busy mom it is difficult to get everything done by 5p.m. on Friday;)
  • Magazine Sale Fundraiser packets have been sent home.
    Fundraiser Links:
  • Thank you for sending in clean masks and water bottles! I have noticed some children are getting a little more hungry at the end of the day. Please check in with your child about what snacks and lunches they are eating and enjoying.
  • Library is Tuesday, feel free to send your child’s book back on Tuesday or any other day!

Week in Review:

This week was our first five day week in kindergarten! We are continuing to learn and do so many things and also stressing the importance of acting out of AMOR (love) for our friends and everyone around us.

I have loved taking our our Bibles and reading the story of Creation. It is a blessing to be surrounded by God’s handiwork as one day we enjoyed Bible outside!

In phonics we worked on recognizing letters. Each student received a bag of lower case letters and sorted them in different way. Some spelled names, other noticed that some letters had straight lines and some had curvy lines. It has been great to become familiar with letters!

We have been building our Stamina in Read to Self. The class helped me decide on what they needed to do to become better readers. Here is the list. 1. Read quietly. 2. Read the WHOLE time. 3. Stay in one spot. 4. Don’t disturb (or bug) those around you. I also reminded them that there are three ways to read a book. This has been helpful in making the most of our reading time. Our big goal is about 12-15 minutes and this week we made it to 6!  We are doing great!! Once we are comfortable independently reading (reading pictures, words and retelling the story) we will work on another element of Daily 5.

We also worked on telling stories with our fingers and looking for the beginning, middle and end. It was fun to hear some of their stories;)

Finally we are using stem bins at our tables now when we finish our work and jobs and it has been so much fun to see their creativity as well as their ability to work together to create some new and amazing jobs!

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