The Island of the Blue Dolphins

This book gets VERY sad VERY fast!

This is a wonderful book but it’s sad.

Karana is a little bossy, she is VEEEERY sad that she lost her Father and she LOVES sea otter.images

Karana tries to tell her father that there won’t be that much sea otter left after captain Orlov and his 40 men leave their will not be many of them left?!

This book is SOOOOOOOOOOO sad!

Karana is left behind with her brother who is recently killed by wild dogs so Karana has to live on the Island by herself and wait for people to come and rescue her!

Every day she has less hope than the day before soon she losses hope in her people.

She grabs a canoe and starts rowing to where her people went soon she gets a leek in her boat so she has to turn back and go back to her Island!:[

I wonder if  Karana  will run away ?

I also wonder if she will go and live with the Aluets ?

I like that she doesn’t like the Aluets because they killed her father.

I also like that she wants to go and be with her people  but that she doesn’t want to have to be  alone traveling over the water and that she wants to have her people come and care about her enough to pick her up!?



I wonder if Judd is ever going to find out that Shiloh is gone?

I like this book because this book is about a boy trying to save a dog  and  their  relationship with each other  and to read imgres-1about how much Shiloh LOVES Marty! Click here for more!: Blog

I wonder if  the Authur of Shiloh would write another book ?

I LOVED this book!

I would recommend this book to ANYONE!