Chapter 11 Question

Review Questions:

1) What did the animals think of Uncle Andrew?

A:They think that he’s a tree.

2)What did Aslan say when Digory asked him for help?

A: He got mad at him for bringing the Witch to Narnia.

3)How did the Cabby’s wife get to Narnia?

A:The Lion said something and his wife appeared.

4)What did Aslan say were the qualities a king should have?

A:He should be able to defend Narnia and treat everyone the same.

5)Who where the  King and Queen of Narnia?

A:The Cabby and his wife.

Thought Questions:

1) Compare the way the animals in Narnia view humans to the way you think about animals. Do you think this book claims that animals and humans are equal? If not, why not?

A:I think that humans and people are equal because some humans think lowly of animals and some animals in this book think lowly of people.

2)Do you think it was fair for Aslan to blame Digory for the Witch’s coming to Narnia?

A: I think that  it was fair for Aslan to blame Digory for bringing the witch because if he wouldn’t have rung the bell then the witch never would’ve been woken up…

3) In your mind, what sets Kings and Queens apart from other people? What additional responsibilities  should they have? What additional privileges?

A:Kings and Queens are higher than regular people because they have more decisions to make. They have to defend their people, but they also have more power.

Chapter 10 Questions

Review Questions:

1)What was the first joke in Narnia?

A:The first joke was when a jackdaw yelled “no fear!” when it was dead silent.

2) Why couldn’t Uncle Andrew hear Aslan?

A:He couldn’t hear Aslan because only good and nice people can hear Aslan and the animals… Not mean and selfish people.

3)Did strawberry remember the cabman?

A:After a little bit of thinking he did.

Thought Questions:

1)Have you ever tried to convince yourself that something unpleasant was untrue? If so, Why? Did you begin to believe it?

A:I actually never have, because I think that’s it’s better for someone to actually face their troubles than act like they never happened.

2)Is it hard for you to admit when  you’re wrong? Why do you think people are afraid to be incorrect?

A:I think in some circumstances it is, but other times it’s hard to give up and tell everyone that you’re wrong.

3) How do your preconceived ideas about other people impact the way you see and interact with them?

A: If you think badly of them, then when you’re around them, then you act like you’re better than them.

Chapter 9 Questions

Review Questions:

1)What Happened when the Witch threw the Iron bar at the Lion?

A:It grew a lamp post

2)What did Uncle Andrew want to do with the new world?

A:He wanted to bring things there and throw them at the ground and make trees of everything.

3) Why did Polly compare Uncle Andrew to the Witch?

A:She compared Uncle Andrew to the Witch because they both like killing things and they both only think of themselves.

Thought Questions:

1)Polly says everything in Narnia comes “out of the Lion’s head.” What does she mean? Do you agree?

A:She means that the music and everything that is growing came out of his head. I think that

2) What parallels can you find between this creation story and the one found in Genesis 1-2? What are some significant differences?

A:They are the same because in both if them there was someone talking that made the things grow and appear. But the Lion was singing and God just talked

3) What’s wrong with Uncle Andrew’s plan for the new world?

A:The reason why it’s bad is because he wanted to use the new world for himself to make money by planting things there and then selling them.

4) Is it a good thing to use the resources around you? When does it become a bad thing?

A:It’s good when you use resources but when you use them for yourself in the wrong way, then it’s bad.

Chapter 8 Questions

Review Questions:

1)How many people did Digory bring with him to the wood? Who were they?

A:He brought 4 people with him and a horse, Polly, The Cabman, Uncle Andrew, and the Witch, He also brought strawberry the cabman’s horse.

2)Which world did the group enter by mistake?

A:He entered Narnia

3)What happened when the voices began to sing?

A:Uncle Andrew and The Witch shook and hated the sound

4)Who was the singer?

A:The Lion

Thought Questions:

1)If the music and singing were so beautiful, why do you think the Witch hated them?

A:I think that she hated it because of how joyful and peaceful it sounded.

2)Why do you think Lewis uses music instead of just words to create Narnia?

A:I think he uses music because it’s more pea.ceful and graceful

3)What is the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard? What do you imagine the Lion singing sound like? What adjectives does Lewis use to describe it?

A:I think the most beautiful sound i’ve ever heard would be birds. I think that we can’t compare the lion’s singing to anything else because it’s so wonderful. He used beautiful.

Chapter 7 Questions

Review Questions:

1)Why couldn’t Polly go back to help Digory?

A:Polly couldn’t come and help because she got in trouble for being late for dinner and for hanging out with someone she didn’t know

2)How did Digory plan to get rid of the Witch?

A:Put her back into the  Wood

3)Why did Digory suddenly want to go back to the Wood? What prevented him?

A:He wanted to go back so that he could leave the witch there, but he couldn’t because he didn’t have a ring on.

Thought Questions:

1)Would it have been wrong for Digory to leave Jadis in London? Was she his responsibility? What is the difference between a problem that’s your fault and one that is your responsibility?

A:I think that It would’ve because it’s his fault that she’s there… She was his responsibility because he was the one who brought her there. The difference is that one of them you have to take care of a person and another you don’t

Chapter 6 Questions

Review Questions:

1)What did the trip back to the Wood teach the children about the rings?

A:It taught then that anyone that is holding onto them can travel with them too and not just the person that has the ring on.

2)What did Polly want to do to Jadis (The Queen) in the Wood between Worlds?

A:She wanted to leave her in the woods because then she couldn’t  get to their world from there.

3)How did Jadis(The Queen) Get to London?

A:She grabbed onto Digory’s ear and went with them.

4)What did the narrator describe as ‘Uncle Andrew’s silliness?

A:When he dressed up in all of his magician stuff.

Thought Questions:

1)Do you agree with Polly that she and Digory would have been justified in leaving the Queen in the Wood?

A:I think it could go either way, they don’t want to take her with them but they also don’t want to leave her behind

2)What do you think is the mark of a magician?

A:Royal Blood?

3)If you did wicked things over and over again, would it change your appearance? Why or Why not?

A:I think it would change your appearance because you would just get used to being wicked and do it all of the time.

4) Look back at Chapter 4 (Thought Questions) what common theme do you see?

A: That they are both talking about the Queen.

Chapter 5 Questions

Review Questions:

1) How did the Queen, Polly, and Digory get through the doors?

A:The Queen yelled at the doors and acted like she threw something at them… Then they crumbled.

2) Who destroyed Churn? How was it destroyed? Why was it destroyed?

A:The Queen destroyed Churn. It was destroyed when her and her sister fought about who was going to sit on the throne. It was destroyed because the Queen cast a spell that had everyone on the world die except for the one who casts it.

3)How did Polly and Digory escape Churn? What went wrong with their escape?

A: When the Queen let go of them they put their rings on… The thing that went wrong in the escape was that they brought the Queen with them.


Thought Questions:

1)What was Digory’s view of the Queen? What was Polly’s? Why do you think  the two children saw the Queen differently? In your opinion, who was right? Why?

A:Digory thought that it was cool that she was strong and not afraid. Polly was scared of her and wanted to leave. I think that they saw the Queen differently because they’re different people and Polly is more afraid than Digory. In my opinion Polly’s right because I think that you should always be afraid and cautious before you a warm and trust them completely.


2)How are the Queen and Uncle Andrew similar? How are they different? Which is more dangerous?

A: The Queen and Uncle Andrew are similar because they are both mean and they don’t think of others. They are different because the Queen is way better at magic than Uncle Andrew. The Queen is way more dangerous than Uncle Andrew.

Chapter 4 Questions

1) Describe the new world Digory and Polly entered.

A:Digory and Polly entered a world that was very creepy, It was very dark and it had buildings that were crumbling down.

2) How did Polly and Digory know this new world was very old?

A:They knew that it was old because all of the buildings were crumbling

3)What did the children see in the great hall?

A:They saw wax people siting in chairs.

4)How did the faces change as they went further into the room?

A:They changed from happy to evil, disgusting looking. And then there was a bell by the very last sculpture.

5)Did Polly want to strike the bell? Why or Why not? Did Digory? Why or Why not?

A: Polly didn’t want to strike the bell because she thought she would be in danger if they did, but Digory had a different idea and he wanted to because he wanted to see what would happen.

6) What happened when the bell was struck?

A:The bell kept on ringing louder and louder and LOUDER until, the bell was too loud that they couldn’t even hear themselves yell on the top of their lungs. Then it stopped and a queen had awoke.

Thought Questions:

1) Digory described the the last women in the hall both very beautiful and very cruel. Is this possible? Does physical beauty have anything to do with goodness?

A: I think that it is possible to be beautiful and cruel at the same time, I think that it doesn’t at all because you can control your goodness. But you can’t control your beauty.

2)What do you think the poem on the pillar mean?

The Message on the pillar: Make you choice, adventurous Stranger;  Strike the bell and bide the danger, Or wonder, till it drives you mad, What would have followed if you had.

A:That if they wanted to strike the bell, they might be in danger, but if they wouldn’t then they would get mad wondering what it would do.

3)Would you have struck the bell? Why or why not?

A: I wouldn’t have because I would’ve rather been safe and wonder instead of putting myself in danger.

4) Is curiosity a bad thing? When does it become a dangerous or harmful thing?

A: I think that is some circumstances it could become a bad thing if you’re putting yourself in danger, but other wise it’s not. It gets harmful when your doing something dangerous.

Chapter 3 Questions

Chapter 3 Questions:
1) Where did Digory go when he put on the yellow ring?
A:He went to a forest.
2) How did Digory describe the wood?
A: He described it as warm, dreamy and that it had green light.
3) Whom did Digory meet beside the pool?
A:He met Polly beside the pool.
4) What prevented Polly and Digory from going straight home?
A:They wanted to see if they could find more worlds.
5) What did Digory almost forget to do (just before they set out to explore)?
A:He almost forgot to mark the pool that got them back home.
6) Why didn’t the yellow rings take Polly and Digory into another world?
A:Because they only can take them out of their world, not others.
Thought Questions:
1) How would you decide what kind of scientific tests are ethical (for example using human volunteers, testing on yourself, or using animals)?
A:I think that having children go somewhere that they don’t know of, without a parents permission is ethical.
2) How had Uncle Andrew misunderstood the function of the rings? Why do you think he made that mistake? Is it wise to use something you don’t understand completely?
A:Uncle Andrew thought that the yellow rings can take you out of anywhere, but they can only take you out of their world, not others… I don’t think  that it’s wise to do that because if Uncle Andrew didn’t know something else about the rings than the kids could’ve gotten stuck somewhere.

The Magician’s Nephew

Q:Who was Mrs.Lefay? What was unusual about her?

A: Mrs.Lefay was Uncle Andrew’s godmother. She was different because when she died, she gave Uncle Andrew a box and she told him to burn it without opening it.

Q:Where had Mrs.Lefay gotten her box?

A: She got the box from Atlantic Island.

Q:What was the difference between the yellow and the green rings?

A: The yellow rings take you out of the world and the green rings bring you back.

Q:Why didn’t Uncle Andrew want to go to the other place?

A: Uncle Andrew didn’t want to go to the other place because he was worried that he wouldn’t come back.

Q:How did Uncle Andrew convince Digory to take the ring?

A: He convinced him by saying that he shouldn’t leave a girl in a world that he didn’t know what was there.

Q:Uncle Andrew says that promises and rules only apply to little boys, servants,and women. What does that tell you about how he views on children, servants and women?

A: It tells me that he thinks that he’s better than them and that he thinks he shouldn’t have to do the things they do.

Q:Do you think someone should be free from moral rules if they are particularly smart or powerful?

A:I don’t think they should be because that’s like having a president that doesn’t follow his own rules…

Q:Do superheros obey the law? Are the results usually good or bad?

A: Most of the time superheros do obey the law and it ends up good.

Q:Do you think Uncle Andrew’s a coward?

A:I think full on that he is a coward because first he sends a girl to another world, where even he’s to wimpy to go to, without even telling her and then he sends a boy after her instead of going himself.

Q:Before he leaves, Digory says he “could not have decently done anything else.” Do you agree? Why or Why not?

A:I think he could’ve done something a lot more decent than sending a younger girl into another world by herself.

The Magician’s Nephew

Q:How  did Polly and Digory meet?imgres-1

A:Polly and Digory met when Digory jumped over Polly’s fence of her back yard.

Q:Why was Digory unhappy?

A:Digory was unhappy because  his mom had died and his dad left him and so he had to live with his Aunt and Uncle who were mad at him.

Q:Which house did Polly and Digory enter from the tunnel?

A: Polly and Digory went into Digory’s house.

Q:What was the humming noise Polly heard?

A: There were rings in the room that Polly heard humming.

Q:What did Uncle Andrew want to give Polly? What happened when Polly took the gift?

A:Uncle Andrew gave Polly a yellow ring, when Polly picked up the ring, she got transported to a different world.

Q:How did Polly and Digory become friends? Where they very similar? How were they different? How do you make friends? Which is more important, similarity or being in a situation which you need the other person?

A:Polly and Digory became friends by going and seeing what the secret room was. They weren’t like each other because Digory doesn’t have parents and Polly does. I make most of my friends at church or at school. I think being in a situation when you need another person is more important.

Q:Why did Polly accept Uncle Andrew’s gift? How did he persuade her? Do you think you would have been fooled by his persuasion?

A: I think she accepted it because they were pretty and she wanted one. He persuaded her by saying he would be delighted to give her one. I don’t think I would’ve because by the way he was acting I would’ve suspected that he was up to something.