Carry on Mr. Bowditch Chapter 10

Carry on Mr. Bowditch Chapter 10

1)Who was Nathan Read? To what new field of study did he introduce Nat?

A:Nathan Read was a man that owned a apothecary shop in another town. Nathan introduced Nat to French.

2)Why had Mr.Jordy say Nat needed to learn proper french pronunciation?

A: Mr.Jordy said that you have to pronounce French correctly so that people would know what he was saying.

3)Explain Elizabeth’s analogy of the chair and Nat’s brain?

A: Elizabeth said that talking to other people is like kicking a chair because if they don’t understand what he’s saying, then he gets frustrated and it’s like he just kicked a chair.

4)What happened to Captain Boardman?

A:Captain Boardman died out on the water.

5)How can you tell time by the stars?

A: You can tell time by connecting a bunch of stars.

6)What gift did Mr.Hodges give Nat in the note?

A: Mr. Hodges gave Nat some money in the note.

Thought Questions:

1)Is pronunciation always important when you study a language?

A:Pronunciation is always important when you study a new language because if you learn it in the wrong way, then you have to re-learn it.

2)Do you think English pronunciation makes sense?

A: I think that English pronunciation makes sense, but maybe that’s just because I’ve grown up knowing English.

3)What is intuition? Did Elizabeth really know when her father’s ship would arrive?

A: Intuition  is when you have a feeling something is going to happen. Elizabeth didn’t know that her father’s ship was going to come in, but she had a strong feeling that it would.

4) Why do you think the freedom following indenture caused such a shock for some people?

A: I think that based on how long they are in a indenture then they just get used to it and don’t know what to do with themselves when they get out of it.

5) In different parts of America, slaves and indentured servants existed at the same time. Do you think the system of slavery and the indenture system are related in any way? What is the biggest difference in the mindset behind those systems?

A: I think that slaves and indenture are kind of the same thing, but that slavery  is where someone owns you, and for indenture you work for that person, and you are kind of owned by them, but kind of not. I think that how the people handle the indenture and slavery is the difference.

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