Carry on Mr.Bowditch Chapter 12

Carry on Mr.Bowditch Chapter 12

1)What two things did Mr.Derby forbid the ship to do?

A: Mr.Derby forbid the ship from breaking any laws in the ports that they enter and that they can’t do any slave trade.

2)In what way were surveying and navigation different?

A: Surveying was where you had one point and  you draw a line from there, but navigation is way more complex than that.

3)What did Nat propose to use to find their longitude? Why was Captain Prince skeptical?

A:Nat proposed to use a lunar to find their longitude. Captain Prince didn’t think that it would work because we only  get one full moon so often.

4)How did the men respond to Nat’s teaching? Why did Nat teach them?

A: The men at first didn’t really care, but after they learned it and understood it, then they began to care about it more.

Thought Questions:

1)Do you think Nat’s experience as an indentured  servant had anything to do with his opposition to slave trade?

A: I think that he is a little bit more against slave trade because he had kind of experienced it by having an indenture.

2)Can book learning substitute for practical experience?

A: I think that you can learn from a book, but that practical experiences are better.

3)Can everyone learn?

A: I think that everyone can learn, but that sometimes not everyone understands it at first because  we all learn differently.

4)Do you think knowledge would make sailors more or less likely to rebel?

A: I think that the smarter the sailor is, the more he is likely to not rebel.

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